Welcome to the home of the 39th Guards Rifle Division! The 39th Guards is a living history reenactment unit formed in Cleveland, Ohio. We portray the Russian soldier of the Raboche Krestyankaya Krasnaya Armiya or RKKA , during the Great Patriotic War from 1941-1945, the men and women of the 39th participated in many battles, from Stalingrad to Berlin.

Unlike other reenactment impressions, women are allowed to join the 39th Guards, and we actively encourage them to take up arms and send the invading Hitlerites back to where they came. We hope to educate the public of Russia’s great sacrifice made during WWII by participating in living history days, air shows, and other military based venues. We will engage German and other Axis reenactors at East Front reenactments to learn more about Russian military tactics and maneuvers.

Note: The 39th Guards does not and will not harbor any political leanings towards Stalinism or Communism. Those that do are not welcome here. The 39th Guards will not discriminate against race, gender, or religious beliefs. For further information on joining the 39th Guards, please contact us.